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duces us to a new author, the Russian fabulist, Pleasant Hours, published by the National Krilof. There are also several other papers ; Society, is nicely illustrated ; and its literary but that which will atti act most attention is the contents seem admirably adapted to instruct and commencing article of a series, upon

delight young readers. Homo," by the late Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Gladstone.

THE FIRST FLIGHT OF THE OWL Jiission Lije (Rivingtons) has completed its It was about midnight, in Lady Palmerstra's fourti volume. It is full of interest, not only to drawing-room, as some gentlemen stole away those who take a religious view of missions, but from the bustle incident to that hour betra even to the mere outsue reader-the ethnologist Saturday and Sunday, and remained standin; or the philologist. But to those who take a in the recess of a window, Lori Palmerst a lively interest in the spread of Christianity, and advanced towards them from the next rain. especially to English Churchmen, no volume “What are you occupied with so secretly published during the year can be regarded as of there ?" asked he in jest. “We are just congreater value. It inay be considered a supple- sidering the possibility of establishing a new ment or addenda to the Acts of the Apostles. paper, to be published occasionally, in which

Mission Life” is published in monthly parts at your lordship, and whatever is to be found in sixpence, and is well illustrated.

this room-love, marriage, and diplomacy-may The Net (same publishers) is a smaller mis- be heartily quizzed," was the answer. ** What sionary journal, edited by Miss Anne Mackenzie. next !” rejoined the host.


* A conspiracy in The new musical monthlies, Hanover Square my own house? You owls! Would the genand Bond Street, are to be followed, on the 1st tlemen do me the honour to accept me as a of February, by another magazine of like contributor? In love I am no longer able to character, called Exeter Hall. It will contain render you much assistance; but I am said to original sacred music, instrumental and vocal, be skilful in diplomacy. And there stands my

especially adapted for Sunday evening per- private secretary amongst you! What may be formance in the family circle," and will be

your pay?" published by Messrs. Metzler and Co.

In that window recess the establishment of The Popular Science Review (Hardwicke) for the Owl was decided on; and, at two o'clock in January contains valuable papers by Professors the morning, the plan and the distribution of Williamson, Church, and Ansted on

the parts for the first number were ready at the water Sponges," the “Food of Plants," and the St. James's Club. As the undertaking was only

Hurricane, Tornado, and Typhoon,” in addi. a kind of gentle pastime, and the promoters haul tion to various interesting scientific papers, re- no thought of protit, the financial arrangements views, and memoranda. Under the able direction were soon made, a small newsvendor installed of Dr. Henry Lawson, the Popular Science Rerier as publisher, and everything ready for a start has taken a high place in the scientitic literature on the following Wednesday. of the day, and has become an authority on many Among those who contributed to the early nosquestions of interest to naturalists, microsco. bers were the chief-editor of the Post, Mest pists, and others. - Harılwicke's Science Gossip, Borthwick and Laurence Oliphant, Palmerstos't which may be considered as a necessary supple. private secretary, the Hon. Evelyn Ashley, a sit ment to the Review, has reached its thirty-seventh of Lord Shaftesbury. Lord Houghton, the He. number, and contains, as usual, a large quantity Mr. (?) Norton, Odo Russell, the Hon. E. of very interesting matter about animals, plants, sonby, Max Schlesinger, and others, have been fossils, lichens, &c., abundantly illustrated since mentioned; but the secret of it was alter

The Sunday-school Teacher, issued by the wards kept more carefully, for the paper was a Sunday School Union, is a magazine expressly remarkable success. People became confused as designed for the use and recreation of teachers to what was truth or fiction, fun or earnest, in in the Sunday-schools. It contains all the its contents; and, as it displayed a very deep features which distinguished the “ Union

insight into all the impending marriages in high Magazine,” and the “Sunday-school Teachers' life, and the gossip thereto appertaining, it obMagazine," of which it is at once the incorpora- tained a large sale, inserted expensive advertise tion and successor. In addition to a variety of ments, and produced for its promoters what they essays, poems, educational notes, Biblical teach- had never dreamed of-a pretty sum of money. ings, and useful gleanings, it has a quantity of What to do with this, was the next question intelligence concerning Sunday-schools and their To devote half to charitable objects-the rest co-operaters, not to be found in any other pub- to neat dinners at Richmond, Epsom, &c., was lication. Consisting of forty-eight octavo pages, the answer, which in the end was finally te and a page engraving, separately, printed on solved upon. And certainly the “Owls " hare toned paper, the whole enclosed in a neat, since given many and sumptuous dinners for the coloured wrapper, and sold for twopence, this benefit of themselves, their friends, and the strikes us as certainly one of the cheapest, and ladies of their set. And they drove clown to most complete of the religious monthlies.

the Derby in drags filled with slender chamThe Victoria Magazine, edited by Miss Emily pagne bottles and still more slender ladies; and, Faithfull, is also published by her at the Victoria in fine, the joke was a success. Then Palmer Press, Princes Street, Hanover Square, the name stou died, and the promoters were dispened, of the Victoria Press being still retained by her in some going to India, some to Canada. However, her new office. The magazine, which has reached as the paper had become an agreeable source of its tenth volume, has long ceased to be looked wealth, the editor of the Morning Post stuck to upon as a curiosity, and has become the recog- it as an institution. But it is no longer what it nised organ of thinking women, and shows that uns at the commencement. The freshness, the some at least of the sex are gifted with reason. unbounded humour have departed. And most In many of the articles there is a freshness and a of the sources from which the Owls" once vigour in the manner of treating homely subjects dtew their inspiration are dried up or exhausted. -subjects usually discussed by the sterner sex ---so that the reader cannot fail to get new views,

Still the success is sufficiently dazzling: The although he may not always be convinced of their

Oil, which will fly again when Parliament meets, even now yields a respectable amount of pocket money.-- Orle!.


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when the mails are made up are also incorrectly The Stationers' Sleet Almanack (Brook and

stated. To the foregoing we may add Letts' »berts) is headed by a steel-plate engraving--a

Office Calendar, nicely got us, and suitable for ew of the Thames at Richmond-and forms a

the counting-house or study. ndsome-looking business appendage to a mer.

The City Diary (Collingridge) contains a ant's counting-house.

specialty, namely, the large quantity of infor: The Northamptonshire Handbook (Taylor,

mation relating to the City, its government, rthampton) and the Boriler Almanack (Ru

officers, &c. Like that admirably managed erford, Kelso) are excellent specimens of local

newspaper, the City Press, from which office wanacks; for, in addition to the calendar and

this diary emanates, it steadily keeps in view hlike general matter, they contain local direc

the one object of usefulness to citizens. ns, and a large quantity of information special

Unwin's Indicator has a motto for every day, their several districts.

and is as much in place in the school-room, the Everybody's Year.Book : a Popular Annual

study, the nursery, and the hall, as in the count. · 1868 (Wyman) is one of the most original

ing-house. It has the useful adjuuct of a card I interesting miscellanies, containing things

almanack on either side. The Jonthly Tablets, rth knowing on cookery, every day receipts,

from the same publishers, woull, we think, be d a large variety of useful memoranda.

more useful if larger spaces were allotted to each The Seaman's Ilmanack (Brook and Roberts)

day's memoranda. as its name imports, a repertory of informa

FORTICOMING SALES BY AUCTION, n on all nautical subjects, concisely and populo ly treated.

BY MESSRS. DEBENHAM, STORR, AND SONS. l'he Gardener's Year-Book, Almanack, and January 7 and 8-A large and valuable Collec. rectory (Journal of Horticulture Office) edited tion of Books (unredeemed pledges), consisting

Dr. Robert Hogg, contains, in addition to of Medical, Chemical, Classical, and Legal ? matter usual in such works, a complete di- Works ; Cyclopædias, Dictionaries, Histories, tory of all the priucipal gardens belonging to &c. : including the “ Galleries of Rome," a blemen ard gentlemen, with the names of their splendid specimen of printing and engraving. rdeners, the nearest post towns, with some

BY MESSRS. PUTTICK AND SIMPSOX. istrations of new fruits.

During January. -A large collection of English The Musical Directory (Rudall and Co.) cou. and Foreign Books, MSS., &c., including the as a résumé of the music of the year, with a collection of the late Mr. William Perkins, t of the principal published pieces, a directory and an Autograph of Tasso. instrument makers, vocal and instrumental cists, musical societies, musical events of the

EY MESSRS. SOTHEBY,'WILKINSON, & HODGE. ar, &c. ; in addition to the calendar and other

February 10 and following days: --The first poreful memoranda.

tion of the extensive stock of Mr. Henry G. Punch's Pocket-Book, as usual, overflows with

Bohn, consisting of Works on History, Bioerary and pictorial jokes, with a frontispiece

graphy, Voyages, Travels, Greek and Latin presenting the “chairing” of the “person

Classics, with translations, Books of Prints, xted by a “free and independent constituency,"

rare Aldine editions and early printed books, der the ladies' “ Reform Bill”-a fair bit at

Ancient and Modern Divinity, and many slipshod way in which modern Acts of Par

others, both English and Foreign, in all classes ament are worded.

of literature. How to Use the Barometer (Bemrose, Derby)

BY MESSRS. SOUTHGATE & co. • signed to record, numerically and graphically,

During January — The Fine Art Publications of le natural phenomena presented by the baro

Messrs. Moore, McQueen, & Co., (Limited), .eter, thermometer, rain gauge, clouds, winds, consisting of valuable Engravings, LithoC., is a work that will commend itself to all graphs, and Chromolithographs. leterologists. A Christiun Remembrancer (Suttaby) is a

CORRESPONDENCE. ocket-book and diary ; the divisions for each

To the Editor of the BOOKSELLER, ay being marked by Scripture texts instead of SIR,- Will you allow me space to give a hint de ordinary ruled lines, produced in the neat to the bookbinders who make, and the publishers nd complete style for which this house has long who issue, cases for binding their publications. een noted.

In both cases they lose sight of the fact that The Boy's own Pocket-Book (Routledge) con- publications which have been cut and read ains, besides the usual almanack matter, the require cases somewhat smaller in the squares, ules for Cricket, Football, and other outdoor and narrower at the back than is needed for new ud indoor amusements.

volumes issued by the publishers themselves. Letts' Diaries appear this year to be published In the latter case they are never cut edges ; in a fewer varieties, and in less elegant forms than the former they require, as a rule, as much isual ; but in their place, we have a hanıly little cutting as for leather binding, to cut away the colume of the British Tarifi and Customs Duties; soiled and rough edges; and with good sprinkled Parliamentary Register and Almanack, con- and burnished edges, case binding becomes neat taining a ready-reckoner, tables of weights and and inexpensive. measures, and other information useful to legis- Messrs. Cassell, Petter, and Galpin are almost lators; a Lady's Washing.Book, with the cheques the only publishers who make the cases adapted perforated ; and lastly, a well-arranged House- for country binding, consequently their publica*** ping-Book, ruled for every day in the year. tions can be neatly bound after being read. The Diary marked No. 12 appears, in the The worst perhaps are, “All the Year Round," valy part we bave looked into, namely, the “Macmillan's Magazine," "Cornhill,” and “Once postal information, to be rather behind the a Week.” The “Leisure Hour" and " Sunday at time, -e.J., the postage of a letter to the United Home" cases are only tolerable. Hoping the States is sixpence, and not a shilling, as statel ; publishers will find it practicable to adopt this while the postage of newspapers should be two- hint with respect to cases issted for sale, pence, instead of a penny, as given ; the day3


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way Guide.”

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matter of private arrangement, this Committee During the last two months the printing trade

has no power to lay down any rcle on the ab has experienced a considerable revival, though

ject.” Meanwhile a slight advance has taken neither in the metropolis nor in the provinces

place at the Belle Sauvage Printing Works of can it be said to be so active as usual at this five per cent. ; at Messrs. Spottiswoodle's a rive, time of year. The London Compositors' unem

varying in amount from two to ten shilling per ployed list has dwindled, from the almost unpre

week, according to length of service, &c.; cedented number of 300, to less than 80; and

at other offices a minute advance. among these may be reckoned many men who,

A limited liability company is being extsh. from inability, idleness, and other causes, seldom

lished, with a capital of £30,000, to carry on the retain their situations for more than two or three

Daily News, which will in February be relucai weeks at a time. Indeed, there is always a per

to one penny;

Two of Hoe's fast printing.

machines are being erected in capacious precentage of non-workers, even in the busiest The revival in the London trade may

mises to meet the extra demand anticipated be easily traced to the autunn session, which

The whole of the plant, machinery, type, and

stock-in-trade of the Strand Printing and Pubhas provided profitable employment in several Parliamentary houses ; the influx of Christmas

lishing Company (Limited), and lease of the prenumbers, annuals, and other extras belonging

mises, are about to be sold by order of the Court to the monthly magazines ; the necessity for

of Chancery. completing the volumes especially prepared for

Messrs. Bradshaw and Blacklock, the railway the winter book-trade; and the seasonal issue

printers of Manchester, have opened an office in of catalogues, lists, prospectuses, circulars, &c.

London for the production of their new "RailThe offices in which magazines are printed are

Mr. Edward Lloyd, the printer and proprietor fully occupied, both at case and press, towards the end of each month, and particularly when

of Lloyd's Nerospaper, has been presented by the Quarterlies are added to the regular work :

his employés with a congratulatory aduiress, oll but we do not perceive many indications of per

the occasion of that newspaper having completel manent improvement. The great publishers

the twenty-fifth year of its existence.

The Printers' Almshouse fund has been aus. announce few very large or important volumes, and the New Year opens with no promises of

mented by the bequest of £100 from the late long-continued new serials. On the contrary,

Mrs. Larman, of' Wood Green, and thirty some of the magazines, which came out a few

guineas, the gift of Mr. Teape, formerly of months ago with a great flourish of trumpets,

George-street, Tower-hill, printer. are simply struggling for existence; and we shall

It seems that the Daily Telegraph, the Stannot be surprised to find them, like insurance

dard, the Star, and other newspapers, have offices and railways, presently favouring a system

received threatening letters—“Fenian?" and in of “ consolidation” and “ amalgamation," if

consequence their printing-offices have been some do not die out altogether. A very general

placed under the care of the police. diminution in the numbers printed has taken

In the final settlement of the affairs of the place in the monthly magazines and weekly

defunct Day newspaper, the Commissioners in periodicals, several of which must be carried on

Bankruptcy decided to allow about half the at a loss, or at least live only on the profits

claim of Messrs. Ranken and Wilson, the derived from their advertisements. Of the

printers. recently-started penny weeklies, two or three

In the provinces, especially in Edinburch are deplorable failures; a fact not to be won

Birmingham, and Sheffield, trade has somewhat dered at, considering the wretched quality of

improved. In Liverpool, however, it still retheir literature and engravings.

mains slack. Two or three of the newspapers At the last Delegate Meeting of the London

there are partly printed in London. Compositors Society of Compositors, the consideration of the

complain of this; but if the papers had to be report on the Turnover and Apprentice question

wholly composed in the town, the chances are was indefinitely postponed ; and it was deter

that they would not appear at all. This system mined, in consequence of the prevailing slackness

of printing some two, four, or six pages of a proof trade, to extend the provident relief for a

vincial journal in London, has been in existence period of six weeks during current half-year.

about fifteen years, and has been the means of The Globe office is now entirely closed to

largely increasing the number of local news. Society men ; the old hands, who were under

papers. The houses principally engaged in this notice, having left. This paper is now produced

trade are Messrs. Cassell, Petter, and Galpin ; at 3s. 2d. per galley, instead of 3s. 7d., as here.

Mr. Eglington, of Aldersgate-street; Mr. Bruta, tofore. This makes the fifth daily paper closed

of Fleet-street; and the Printing Company, 121,

Fleet-street-Mr. Johnson, manager. * In ManTimes, the Morning Post, the Sun, the Star, and

chester, the dispute between the compositors and the Globe. The other important printing-offices

the master-printers still remains unsettled. at which society men are denied employment,

In a county-court action brought by an orer are-Messrs. Spottiswoode's, and Messrs. Wood.

seer against the Kentish Adrertiser, the judge fall and Kinder's. It seems, as we have before

decided-quite against the generally-acknowobserved, that a re-arrangement of the Compo

ledged custom of the trade-that a compositor sitors' Scale of prices is needed, in order to avoid

receiving weekly wages was only entitled to a this continual secession of large employers,

weck's notice. The Printers' Readers have not yet succeeded

Messrs. Marr and Co., of Edinburgh, bare in obtaining the advance they seek and deserve,

lately issued a very beautiful fount of NEI notwithstanding the advocacy of Mr. Dickens, and their generally-adınitted right to an increased

ALDINE, OF WHICH TVE ARE rate of remuneration. The result of a conference between a deputation from the readers and the

ENABLED TO GIVE SPECINEVS master printers, has been the promulgation of the following resolution by the latter body

IN LONG PRIJER 1.10 " That the salary paid to each Keador being a


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The prices nained are for cloth lettered, unless otherwise expressed.

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