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, Sacred Declarations, &c. Therefore, Let us walk honestly, as in the Day; not in Rioting and Drunkenness, not in Chambering and Wantonness, not in Strife and Envying. But put ye. on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not Provision for the Flesh, to fulfil the Lusts thereof. Rom. xiii. 13, 14.

XII. UNCLEAN Persons, Whoremongers and Adulterers, are another Sort, on whom God has denounced destroying Judgments.

These are Transgressors of the Seventh Commandment.

Wboremongers and Adulterers God will judge, &c. It is declared, Heb. xiii. 4. and in Galat. v. 19, 21, it is said, Now the Works of the Flesh are manifeft, which are these, Adultery, Fornication, Uncleanness, Lasciviousness, and it is added, That they who do Such Things shall not inherit the Kingdom of God.

In Ephes. v. 3, 4, 5, 6. But Fornication and all Uncleanness, let it not be once named amongst you, as becometh Saints. Neither Filthiness nor foolis Talking, nor Jefting which are not convenient : But rather giving of Thanks. For this you know that no Whoremonger nor unclean Person - bath any Inberitance in the Kingdom of Christ, and of God for because of these Things cometh the Wrath of God upon the Children of Disobedience.

What the Holy God has said concerning the Jews, in Jer. v. 7, 8, 9. Thews evidently that this Sort of Sinners are appointed to suffer in the Day of his Visitation. The LORD said, When I fed them to the full they committed Adultery, and assembled themselves by Troops in the Harlots Houses. They were as fed Horses in the Morning : Every one neighed after bis Neighbour's Wife : Shall I not visit for these Things ? faith the LORD, Jall not my Soul be avenged on such a Nation as this?

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The Prophet Ezekiel also, reckoning up several Sorts of Tranigrefsors of the divine Law in Jerufalem, says, One bath committed Abomination with his Neighbour's Wife, and another has lewdly defiled his Daughier-in-Law, and another in thee hatb bumbled bis Sister, bis Father's Daughter, Ezek. xxii.

It must be observed, that Self-Pollution, the Sin for which the Holy God New Oran, Gen. xxxviii. 9, 10. is a Sort of Uncleanness very heinous in its Nature. And likewise that the unnatural Lufts of the Sodomites, Gen. xix. 5. for which the LORD rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrab, Brimstone and Fire from the Lord out of Heaven, and overthrew their Cities, and all the Plain, and all the Inhabitants of the Cities, and that which grew upon the Ground, Gen. xix. 24, 25. I say, those unnatural Lusts are Kinds of Filthiness which cry loudly for divine Vengeance to be inflicted on the Guilty : And it is Matter of great Lamentation, that notwithstanding the fearful, and utter Destruction of those Cities for the Crimes of their Inhabitants, there have been in the succeeding Ages, Persons guilty of the same monstrous and filthy Practices.

St. Paul speaketh of such in Rom. i. 26, 27. saying, For this Cause God gave them up unto vile Affections : For even their Women did change their natural Use unto that which is against Nature : And likewise also the Men, leaving the natural Use of Women, burned in their Luft, one toward anoiber, Men wib Men, working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that Recompence of their Error which was meer.

The Sins of these monstrous Transgressors, indeed, are fecret, they are Deeds of Darkness, but the righteous God may openly take Vengeance on them, in the Day of his Visitation for Sin. Such hive no Reason to hope they shall escape the de. Itroying Wrath of the Almighty God.


And as the Inhabitants of Jerusalem were incorrigible, and did not repent of their Iniquities, the Holy God according to his Threatnings, inficted on them destroying Judgments. See Jer. v. 31. where he says, Therefore have I poured out mine Indignation upon them, I have consumed them with the Fire of my Wrath : Their own Way bave I recompenfed upon their Heads, faith the LORD GOD.

I may add, that Persons under the like Guilt, have Reason to expect like Punishment; and therefore have Cause to be afraid of God's proceeding in the Way of his Judgments.

And happy for them will. it be, if the Whoremongers and Adulterers ; happy will ic be, if all the filthy, the unchaste, the unclean Persons of both Sexes, shall consider the Evil of their Ways, and the Declarations of the Holy God againit them if they shall repent of their Sins, and seek the Forgiveness of them, and Peace with God through Christ Jesus, before the Viols of his Wrath be poured out upon them.

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XIII. UnJust Persons, are another Sort against whom destroying Judgments are denounced in the Word of God.

UnJust Persons are all they, who either by Force, or Fraud, take, or with-hold to their own Use any Thing that is the Property of another.

These all are Transgreffors of the eighth Com, mandment.

This Class includes not only Thieves of every Denomination, but also Extortioners, and fraudulent Dealers with unjust Weights and Measures.

EXTORTIONERS are those Persons who take Advantage from the Necessities, or Ignorance of others, to constrain them to give more Money for the Things they buy, than is the Market-price, or to


perform more Labour for Wages than is usual according to the Custom of the Country, thus, e.g.

If the Sellers of any Commodity know the Buyers to be under a Necessity of getting the Things they treat about, and that they can have them no where elfe, or that they are ignorant of the Value, and Market price of them, and therefore exact from them a greater Price than they are worth, or than the Sellers would insist on, if the Buyers were not under such Neceflity, or such Ignorance, they are guilty of Extortion. And if

any Manufacturers, as a Method of Gain to themselves, shall keep for Sale to their WorkPeople, various Sorts of Goods, they at Times have Occasion for, and shall oblige them to buy such Goods, when they do not want the Goods but the Money for other Uses, they are Extortioners.

These two Sorts of Persons are guilty of Tranfgrefsing that divine Law, which says, All Things whatsoever ye would that Men should do to you, do ye even so to them, Matt. vii. 12. which implies, that All Things whatsoever we would that Men should not do to us, we should not, we ought not to do to them.

Thus God has manifested his holy Will concerning our Conduct and manner of Dealing with others. And the Extortioners above-mentioned, would not like to be themselves treated in such Manner as they treat others.

I must add, that their Crime is abominable in the Sight of God, who delights in Mercy and Goodnefs.

Let such Transgreffors read, and consider what is faid in Ezek. xxii, 12, 13, 14. Tbou haft greedily gained of thy Neighbours by Extortion, and bast forgotten me, frith the LORD GOD. Bebold, therefore I bave smitten mine Hand at tby dishonest Gain, which Ibou baft made-Can thine Heart endure, or can

thine Hands be strong, in the Days that I fall deal with thee? I the LORD have spoken it, and will do it.

These Declarations shew that God will deal with Extortioners in the Days of his Visitation for Sin ; and that their Hearts will not be able to endure the Tokens of his Wrath, or to sustain the strokes of his Vengeance.

There is another Sort of EXTORTION, cruel in its Nature, and abominable in the Eyes of the Lord ; that is, when Manufačturers or others constrain the People they employ to labour for lefs Wages, than Custom, or particular Agreement has made their Due, or exact from them more Work than is usually done for the customary Wages ; or on some unreasonable Pretence with-hold froin them Part of their Wages.

These may be said to grind the Face of the Poor: They oppress the Hirelings, the People they employ to labour, and the Character of Extortioners juftly belongs to them.

Let such consider the Import of this Declaration in Mal. iii. 5. I will come near to you to Judgment, änd I will be a swift Witnessm-against those that oppress the Hireling in his Wages--and fear not, faith ibe LORD of Hofts.

And in James v. 4. it is said, Behold the Hire of the Labourers, which have reaped down your Fields, which is of you kept back by Fraud, crieth; and the Cries of them which have reaped, are entered into the Ears of the Lord of Sabaoth, who will deal with such Oppressors, and take Vengeance on them when he visits for Sin.

In Levit. xix. 13. it is said, The Wages of him that is hired, shall not abide with thee all Night until the Morning

In Deut. xxiv. 15. it is written, At his Day thou falt give him his Hire, neither shall the Sun go down



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