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Affembled by Delegacion at Say Byrom

September stb. ?? 08.

One Fastb.
Col 2. 5. Foying and bebolding your order and the

Eph 4: 5

fredfasinej's of your Faith in Chrif.
New-London in N E. Pringed by Thomas Short, 6789

110, ki

Pintari be TavoTuy Gorm


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Mong the Memorable Providences relating to our English Nation in the last Century, mutt be acknowledged

the setling of English Colonies in the American parts of the World : Among all which this hach been Peculiar unto and to the distinguishing Glory of that Tract called NewEngland, that the Colonies there were Originally formed, not for the advantage of Trade and a Worldl, Interest; But upon the most noble Foundation, even of: Religion, and the Liberty. of their Consciences, with relpect unto che Ordinances of the Gospel Administred in the Purity and Power of them; an happiness then noc co be enjoyed in their Native Soil.

We joyfully Congratulate the Religious Liberty of our Brethren in the late Auspicious Reign of K. William, and Q. Mary, of Bleffed Memory, & in the present Glorious Reign, and from the bottom of our Hearts bless the Lord whose Prerogacive it is to reserve the Times and Seafons in his own hand, who also hath Inspired the Pious Mind of Her molt Sacred Majelty, whose Reign we constantly

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