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" New Experiments Physico-mechanical, touching the spring of the air, and its effects ; (made for the most part in a new pneumatical engine) written .... by the honourable Robert Boyle, Esq* experiment xxxvi. "
Catalogue of the Scientific Books in the Library of the Royal Society - Page 297
de Royal Society (Great Britain). Library - 1839 - 776 pages
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A History of Natural Philosophy: From the Ancient World to the Nineteenth ...

Edward Grant - 2007
...that his natural philosophy is not about God. Nor did he inject God into his scientific works, such as New Experiments Physico-Mechanicall, Touching the...(Made for the most part, in a New Pneumatical Engine [1660]) and his numerous experiments on heat, cold, tastes, odors, magnetism, and electricity.70 Isaac...
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The Scientific Literature: A Guided Tour

Joseph E. Harmon, Alan G. Gross - 2007 - 352 pages
...letters with a scientific slant. EARLY BOOKS AND LETTERS Boyle's World-Wide Letter Robert Boyle, 1660. New Experiments Physico-mechanicall, Touching the...Made, for the Most Part, in a New Pneumatical Engine . Oxford: H. Hall (printer to Oxford University). Sir Robert Boyle was a founding member of the Royal...
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