Sediments, Diagenesis, and Sedimentary Rocks: Treatise on Geochemistry, Second Edition, Volume 7

F.T. Mackenzie
Elsevier, 22 nov. 2005 - 446 pages

This volume covers the formation and biogeochemistry of a variety of important sediment types from their initial formation through their conversion (diagenesis) to sedimentary rocks. The volume deals with the chemical, mineralogical, and isotopic properties of sediments and sedimentary rocks and their use in interpreting the environment of formation and subsequent events in the history of sediments, and the nature of the ocean-atmosphere system through geological time.

Reprinted individual volume from the acclaimed Treatise on Geochemistry, (10 Volume Set, ISBN 0-08-043751-6, published in 2003).

  • Comprehensive and authoritative scope and focus
  • Reviews from renowned scientists across a range of subjects, providing both overviews and new data, supplemented by extensive bibliographies
  • Extensive illustrations and examples from the field

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Table des matières

Chapter 701 Chemical Composition and Mineralogy of Marine Sediments
Chapter 702 The Recycling of Biogenic Material at the Seafloor
Chapter 703 Formation and Diagenesis of Carbonate Sediments
Chemical Transformations Occurring in the Water Column Seabed and Crust
Chapter 705 Formation and Geochemistry of Precambrian Cherts
Chapter 706 Geochemistry of Finegrained Sediments and Sedimentary Rocks
Chapter 707 Late Diagenesis and Mass Transfer in SandstoneShale Sequences
Chapter 708 Coal Formation and Geochemistry
Chapter 710 Sulfurrich Sediments
Chapter 711 Manganiferous Sediments Rocks and Ores
Chapter 712 Green Clay Minerals
Chapter 713 Chronometry of Sediments and Sedimentary Rocks
Chapter 714 The Geochemistry of Mass Extinction
Chapter 715 Evolution of Sedimentary Rocks
Volume Subject Index
Droits d'auteur

Chapter 709 Formation and Geochemistry of Oil and Gas

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