The Advocate

The Advocate is a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) monthly newsmagazine. Established in 1967, it is the oldest continuing LGBT publication in the United States.

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Already Sensational
Transgenders, Gay Asians
The Right to Just Say No
Yale Law School (Suits and claims), United States Dept. of Defense (Suits and claims), United States Court of Appeals (3rd Circuit) (Decisions), Gays in the military (United States), Colleges and universities (Federal aid), United States (Armed Forces, Recruiting, enlistment, etc)
Margaret Cho
Margaret Cho (American comedienne); 1968- (Interviews), George W. Bush (American president) (Relations with gays), Homosexuality and politics, Homophobia, Presidential elections (2004)
Keyes "family Values".
Alan L. Keyes (American radio talk show host); 1950- (Political and social views), Maya Marcel-Keyes (American gay rights activist and daughter of radio talk show host Alan L. Keyes) (Interviews), Parents of lesbians, Homophobia, Coming out (Sexual orientation)
Invisible No More
Andy Wong (American gay rights activist.), Details (Periodical), Gay Asians, Homophobia, Stereotype (Psychology)
How They Handled the Gay Rumor
Celebrities, Gossip, Homosexuality
The Shame Game
Richard B. Cheney (American vice-president) (Family), Mary Cheney (American marketing executive and daughter of Vice-President Richard B. Cheney) (Sexual behavior), Law & order (Television program), Parents of lesbians, Homosexuality in television
Thoroughly Modern Lily
Lily Tomlin (American comedienne and actress) (Interviews)
Man Enough to be a Woman
Parinya Kiatbusaba (Thai transvestite kickboxer) (In motion pictures), Ekechai Uekrongtham (Reviews), Beautiful boxer (Motion picture) (Reviews), Transgender athletes in motion pictures, Kickboxing in motion pictures
Fresh Picks of the Season
Homosexuality in drama, New York (N.Y.) (Theater)

"Altared" State
Gays (Political activities), Elections (Massachusetts), Marriage law (Massachusetts), Gay marriage (Massachusetts)
Their Streets to Success
Paul Frene (American financial executive.), Keith Powell (American photographic industry executive.), Louise Young (American computer software executive.), Dean Altvater (American hotel executive.), Joni Elder (American risk manager.), Mark J. Rhoades (American mortgage banker.), Gay executives
Marcia Cross: Desperate Rumors
Marcia Cross (American actress.); 1962-, Desperate housewives (Television program), Advocate (Periodical), Gossip columns, Gossip in mass media, Rumor, News (Internet resources), Coming out (Sexual orientation)
The Battle for Kids' TV.
Television programs (Children's programs, Censorship), Homophobia, Homosexuality in television
Pulpit Bullies
Louis P. Sheldon (Political and social views), Traditional Values Coalition, Black clergy (Political activities), Homosexuality (Religious aspects, Black churches), Gay marriage (Political aspects)

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