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to those of the Reformed Church of England. With

Address to his Parishioners. By the Author of

a Catena Patrum of the first Six Centuries, and of
“The Pathway of Promise." Royal 3.2mo, sd., pp.

the English Church of the Latter Half of the Sir.

50. Strahan


teenth Century, 8vo, pp. ix-728. Longmang. 16/

Alden (Jos.) Christian Ethics on the Service of Duty.

Harrison (Rev. Lawrence J.) Sermons preached on

12mo, pp. 160. New York


Various Occasions. Pt. 8vo, vii—139. Rivingtons. 5/

Anti-typical Parallels; or, the Kingdom of Israel Hatton (A. L. Finch) Law and the Prophets ; being
and of Heaven. By Gershom. Imp. 8vo. Part-

the Calendar of Lessons as framed by the Ancient



People of God. Reprinted (by permission) from

Bartlett (S. C.) Life and Death Eternal; a Refutation Vol. 1 (The Five Books of Moses) of “The Holy
of the Theory of Annihilation. Cr. 8vo, pp. 390.

Bible, with Notes and Introductions," by Chr.

Boston, U.S.

9/ Wordsworth. Compiled, with an Appendix on the

Bate (Jobn) Cyclopedia of Illustrations of Moral and Calendar of the Christian Church. Fcap. 8vo, cl.

Religious Truths; consisting of Definitions, Meta- sd., 79. Cockrem (Torquay)- Binns of Goodwin. 1/6

phors, Similes, Emblems, Contrasts, Analogues,

Present Communion of Saints. Reflections

Statistics, Synonyms, Anecdotes, &c., &c. 5th ed., (chiefly extracted) on the Identity of the Christian's

Revised and Enlarged, 8vo, pp. 924. Jarrold. 12/6

Life, Militant or Quiescent. Fcap. 8vo, cl. sd., pp.

Benham (D.) Notes on the Origin and Episcopate of

37. Cockrem (Torquay)-Binns f Goodwin. 8d.

the Bohemian Brethren. Post 8vo. Dalton, 2/6 Heavenward : à Collection of Hymns and Poems of

Binney (T.) Micab, the Priest-maker. A Handbook Consolation. 8vo, pp. 516. New York


on Ritualism. Sm. cr. 8vo, pp. viii—228. Jackson

Howlett (Rev. John Hen.) Instructions in Reading

f Walford

5/ the Liturgy; with appendices on Misapplied Em.

Blackwood (Stevenson A.) Shadow and the Substance. phasis in Reading the Sacred Scriptures, and on
Addresses on the Passover. 12mo, cl. lp., pp. vii-

Pronunciation. 3rd and enlarged ed. Cr. 8vo,

208. Nisbet

2/ pp. xxxii—218. Murby.


Brann (Hen. A.) Curious Questions. 12mo, pp. 292.

Hughes (T.) Faithful Endurance and High Aim: a


10/ Sermon on the Death of Rev. J. W. Etheridge.

Brown (James Baldwin) Home Life in the Light of

12mo, cl. sd. Hamilton.


its Divine Idea. 3rd ed. Post 8vo, ix-313.

Kelly (John) Sermons. Cr. 8vo, vii—408. Snow. 7/

Smith & Elder

6/ Kelty (Mrs.) Unity of Truth; a Devotional Diary.

Calm Hour (The). Ry L. M, M. Post 8vo, 254. Compiled from the Scriptures and other sources.


4/6 By the Author of "Visiting my Relations." 24mo,

Churchman's (The) Daily Remembrancer of Doctrine cl. lp., pp.iv—138. Trübner.


and Duty, consisting of Meditations taken from the

Kimbali "Harriet Mc. E.) Hymns. 'Pp. ivi—83.

Writings of Standard Divines, from the early days

Boston, U.S.


of Christiapity to the Present Time. With a

Lyra Germanica. Hymns for the Sundays and

Preface by W. R. Fremantle. Fcap. 8vo, pp. viii-

Chief Festivals of the Christian Year. Trans. from

375. Rivingtons

6/ the German by Catherine Winkworth.

New ed.

Clarke (Chas.) Ritualism : a Lecture. 8vo, sd., pp. Fcap. 8vo, pp. xxii—264. Longmans .


19. Osborne (Birmingham)-Simpkin


Second Series. The Christian Life. 6th

Coxe (Bp. A. C.) The Criterions: a means of distin. ed. Fcap. 8vo, pp. xiii-239. Longmans 3/6
guishing Truth from Error in Questions of the

M'Cann (Rev. James) Secularism, & Folly and a
Times. With Four Letters on the Eirenicon of Dr. Failure. 8vo, Tindall (Huddersfield)-Simpkin. 4d.
Pusey. 12mo, pp. 129. New York

The Soul : its Existence Demonstrable, its

Cumming (Rev. John) Sounding of the Last Trumpet; Nature, and Immortality. 8vo, sd., 38. T'indall

or, the Last Woe. Sm. cr. 8vo, pp. 415. Nisbet." 5/



Daily Scripture Text Book. 48mo, cl. sd.,


123. Macduff (J. R.) Curfew Chimes; or, Thoughts for

Mack (Bristol)-Book Sociely.


Life's Eventide, 18mo, 71. Nisbet.


Davies (Rev. Thos.) The Church and its Treasury;

Mackay (R. W.) The Eternal Gospel ; or, the idea of

or, the New Testament Rule of “Weekly Storing Christian Perfectibility. A Tract, in Two Parts.

considered. 8vo, sd., pp. 32. Headland (Gloucester) 1 vol., 12mo, v-205. Scott (Ramsgate)-Williams

-Simpkin .


# Norgale.


Day (M. F.) The Sacraments, 16mo, sd, Herbert Martineau (James) Endeavours after the Christian



Life. Discourses. 4th ed. Post 8vo, PP. XX-

Eadie (J.) Dictionary of the Holy Bible." ilth ed., 508. Longmans


18mo. Griffin

2/6 Metroplitan Tabernacle Pulpit (The). Sermons

Ecco Deus. Essays on the Life and Doctrine of Preached and Revised by C. H. Spurgeon, during

Jesus Christ. With Controversial Notes on "Ecce

the Year 1866. Vol. 12. 8vo, PP.


Homo." 8vo, pp. xi-338. T. 4. T. Clark 10/6

Passmore of Alabaster.


Erck (Rev. John C.) Absolution. Apostolical and Meyrick (Rev. Fred.) The Bible! the Church!

Ministerial. A Sermon. 8vo, sd., pp. 20. Peach Conscience! Which is Supreme? A Sermon. 8vo,



sd. Rivingtons.


Eternities (The) of Scripture. By Theologus. 8vo, Milman (Dean) History of Christianity, from the
sd., pp. xxix. Roberts (Exeter)-Simpkin. 1/

Birth of Christ to the Abolition of Paganism in the

Gray (George) What is it that Dies? A few Words to Roman Empire. 3 vols. New and revised ed. Post

the Spiritualists. 8vo, sd., pp. 23. Calder 6d. 8vo, xvi-1464. Murray; each .


Grierson (James) Divine Suppliant and Intercessor;

Montalembert (Count de) Monks of the West. From

or, Our Lord's Intercessory Prayer. Post 8vo, pp.

St. Benedict to St. Bernard. Authorised Trans-

V-107._Maclaren (Edinburgh).


lation. Vol. 3. 8vo. viii-471. Blackwoods. 10/6

Guthrie (Rev. John) Conversations on Church Esta-

Mullois (M. l'Abbé) Clergy and the Pulpit in their

blishments. Fcap. 8vo, pp. 1—231. Miall 2,6 Relations to the People. Trans. by G. P. Badger.

Guthrie (Thomas) Our Father's Business. Ex. fcap.

Cr. 8vo. Smith & Elder.


8vo, pp. 278. Strahan.


Neale (Rev. J. M.) Hymns for Invalids; being a

Harrison (John) Whose are the Fathers ? or, the Selection of Hymns appropriate to the Sick-room,

Teaching of certain Anglo-Catholics on the Church Original or Translated. With Preface by R. F.
and its Ministry, contrary alike to the Holy Scrip.

Littledale. Fine ed., 16mo, 71. Hayes . 2/
tures, to the Fathers of the First Six Centuries, and

Porowne (Rev. Edward Hen.) Godhead of Jesus.

Four Sermons (being the Hulsean Lectures for
List of American Publications supplied by Messrs. 1866) preached before the University of Cambridge ;
Trübner and Co., 60, Palernoster Row.

to which are added Two Sermons preached before

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the t'niversity on Good Friday and Easter Day, Dod's Peerage, Baronetage, and Knightage of
Isi Aro, rii-123. Deighton (Cambridge). Great Britain and Ireland, for 1867, including
Edi * Daiig

5/ all the Titled Classes. 27th year. 12mo, pp. 782.

Plais Saggestions for à Ceremonial after Saram Whiltaker


Use. With a Calendar and Ecclesiastical Almanac, English woman's Domestic Magazine (The). An
18€7. Edit. by the Translator of the "Liturgy of Illust. Journal, combining Practical Information,

the Chareh of Sarun," &c. 8vo, sd., 40. Hayes. 1/ Instruction, and Amusement. Vol. 2. Imp. 8vo,

Plamer IW, S. Studies in the Book of Psalms: being

pp. vii-381.

Ward f Lock; 7/8; Supplement.

a Critical and Expository Commentary. Roy. 8vo, Roy. 4to.


pp. 1211. Philadelphia

30/ Entomologist's Annual (The), for 1867. izmo, bds.

Religions Traet Society's Publications.

pp. iv-166. Van Voorst


Hos Mary Edmunds did what she could; and what Floral World (The) and Garden Guide. Edit. by
Came of it after many days. Sd.

ва. Shirley Hibberd, 1866. 8vo, pp. 382. Groombridge.
Alphabet House. Toy Book Series. No. 4. With General Baptist Magazine (The). 1866. 8vo, hf.-bd.
Cobarei Engraving.

1/ pp. viii-472. Winks (Leicester)-Marlborough. 6/
Ridley Per. W. H.) Preparation for Weekly Com- Hart (Colonel) New Annual Army List, and Militia

munion; beiag a Supplement to Holy Commu. List, for 1867. Corrected to the 27th Dec., 1866.
Dion' 18mo, ul., pp. 34. Mozley

3d. With an Index. 8vo, pp. 684. Murray 21!

Robertson (E. Priestcraft, Part 1. 8vo. Trübner, 3/ Illustrated London News (The). Vol. 49. July to

Bogers J. G.) Priests and Sacraments; being the Dec., 1866, Folio, pp. 652. Leighton


Substance of a Series of Sermons on the Errors Indian Army (The) and Civil Service List. January,

ef Ritaalism," preached in Clapham Congregational 1867. Fcap. 8vo. W. H. Allan


Church. Cr. Svo, sd., 144. J. Clarke f. Co. 2/ Joint Stock Directory (The) of Banking, Financial,

Sadler (Rer, M. F.) Emmanuel; or, the Incarnation Insurance, and other Public Companies, for 1867.

of the Son of God tbe Foundation of Immutable By George Templeton. Svo, xvi—62). Low. 12/6

Truth. 80, PP. IV-434. Bell & Daldy. • 10/6 Ladies' Treasury (The). Edit. by Mrs. Warren. Vol.

Parish Serpons. First Series. Advent to 2. New Series. Roy. 8vo. Lothian


Trinity. 2nd ed. Fcap. 8vo, pp. xii-400. Bell f. London Catalogue (The) of Periodicals, Newspapers,

6/ and Transactions of various Societies, &c. 1867.

Seberkel (Dr.) Character of Jesus Portrayed : & Roy. 8vo, sd. Longmans


Bitical Essay. 2 vols. 12mo. Boston, U.S. 21/ London Journal (The), and Weekly Record of Litera-

Smith (Rev. j. Gregory) Faith and Philosophy. ture, Science, and Art. Vol. 44. 4to, pp. viii-

Essays on some Tendencies of the Day. 8vo, pp.

416. Office


Fi-24. Longmans


London and Provincial (The) Medical Directory,

Smith Rev. Walter C.) Hymns of Christ and the inclusive of the Medical Directory for Scotland, and

Christian Life. Feap. 8ro, vii—248. Macmillan. 6/ the Medical Directory for Ireland, and General

Thomson Pet. Andrew) Sketches of Scripture Medical Register, 1867. 8vo, 968. Churchill. 10/6

Characters. Illast. Cr. 8vo, pp. 267. Johnstone Mackeson (Chas.) Guide to the Churches of London


5/ and its Suburbs, for 1867. 8vo, sd. Metzler 1/

Tracts foz Thonghtful Christians. No. 3. On Musical Directory, Register, and Almanack.

Promised Restoration in the World to come. By 1867. 12mo, sd. Rudall


the Aathor of " The Destiny of the Human Race." Notes and Queries. Third Series. Vol. 10. July

Cr. 550, sd, pp. 28. Simpkin

3d. - Dec., 1866. Sm. 4to, pp. 553. Office 10/6

! Paughan (c. J.) Wholesome Words of Jesus Christ; Once a Week; an Illustrated Miscellany of Literature,

Foar Sermoas preached before the University of Popular Science, and Art. New Series, Vol. 2.

Cantrulge in November, 1866. Fcap. 8vo, pp. 149. June-Dec., 1866. Roy. 8vo, 724. Bradbury. 7/6


3/6 Our Curate's Budget. 4th Series. Edit by Rev.

Pietery The) which Overcometh the World. Wm. Michell. Fcap. 8vo. Hodges (Frome) –J.

Sermon touching “Our Faith," viewed in its Parker f. Co.; 2/; 1866. In 1 vol.


Relation to Fact, Dogmas, and Personal Conviction. Post Office London Directory, 1866. Small ed.

So, sd. Hayes

. 60. Imp. 8vo. Kelly


Waterbury' 1. B.) A Precious Savioar; or, What Punch. Vol. 51. 4to, pp.iv—266. Office 8/6

Jerus is to me. Sq. 18mo. New York'. 6/ Royal Blue Book, Fashionable Directory, and

Whately Abp. On the Truth of Christianity. Com. Parliamentary Guide. 1867. 12mo,


pued from his " Lessons on the Truth of Chris. Gardiner


tants and other Works. With Introduction, &c.

Ruff's Guide to the Turf. 1867. Winter Edition.

Es Putat Barelay. Edit. by Sam. Hinds, D.D. En. 12mo, cl. sd. Sporling Review Office .


larged Third ed. Feap. 8vo, xxiv-166. Longmans. 3/ Skyring's Builders' Prices. 1867. 57th edition.

WIberforce Bp.) Charge delivered to the Diocese of 8vo. Skyring


Orard, at his 7th Visitation, December, 1866. 8vo, Sunday Reader (The); a Journal of Interest and
d. p. 2. J. Parker g Co.

2/6 Instruction, intended for the family circle on the
Wilkisses (Rev. Geo.) Pentecost; or, the Revival Lord's Day. Illust. Roy. 8vo, 412. Hall f. Co. 4/6

of the Werk of God. Post 8v6, pp. viii--157. Taylor (Geo.) Tithe Commutation Table. Showing
Vergen Chiv; sd., 1/6; cl.

2/6 the Value of Tithe Rent-Charges for the Year 1867.

Williamson Pies. J.D.) Philosophy of Universalism; 8vo, sd., pp. 8. Shaw d Sons


er Reasons for our Faith. 850, 96. Boston, U.S. 3/6 Tyas (Rev. R.) Companion to the Weather Glass,

designed to record numerically and graphically the

natural phenomena presented by the Barometer,


Thermometers, Rain-guage, Clouds, Wind, &c.

Adcock's Engineer's Pocket Book for 1867. 12mo, 1867. Cr. 8vo, sd., pp. 72. Bemrose


Toa. Siapkin


Webster's Royal Red Book. Jannary, 1867. Roy.

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, 16mo. Webster


Science, and Arts. 1866. Roy. 8vo, pp. viii-

Who's Who in 1867 ? Edit, by w. J. Lawson, 18mo,

We Chambers


cl. sd. Baily.


Chatter 501. Part 1. Roy. 8vo. Macintosh 3d.

Willich's Tithe Commutation Tables. Annual

Children's Pictare Magazine (The). Vol. 29. 1866.

Supplement, 1867. Roy. 8vo, sd. Longmans : 17

10m3,, 286. Winks (Leicester)--Simpkin. 1,'6

Young Ladies' Journal (The). Vol. 3. With Plates.

Christian Pioneer (The). Vol. 20. 1866. Cr. 8vo,

Folio. Harrison


W tal, pp 144. Winks (Leicester)-Simpkin. 1/6

Church Monitor (The). Vol. 1. 8vo. Smart Allen, 2/6

Clergy List (The). 1867. 8vo. G. Co.



Colonial Office List (The) for 1867. By A. N. Birch Autobiography (The) of the late Salmo Salar, Esq.,

Wm. Pobinson. Harrison 8vo


comprising a Narrative of the Life, Personal ad:

Centemporary Review (The). Vol. 3. Sept.-Dec. ventures, and Death of a Tweed Salmon. Edit. by
1968. Roy. 850, pp. 628. Strahan .

10/6 a Fisherman. Cr. 8vo, sd., viii-68. Day fs Son. 1/


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Dog (The) in Health and Disease. Comprising the Byrne (Oliver) Dual Arithmetic; a New Art. Part

various modes of breaking and using him for hunt. the Second. The Descending Branch of the “ Art"
ing, coursing, shooting, &c., and including the and the "Science" of Dual Arithmetic. 8vo, xxvi-
Points or Characteristics of Toy Dogs. By Stone. 218. Bell & Daldy

henge. New edit. 8vo, xvi—408. Longmans. 10/6 Chambers's Etymological Dictionary of the

Dove Cot (The) and Rabbit Warren, being a complete English Language. Edit. by James Donald. 1

and comprehensive Account of the various modes Part I. Cr. 8vo. Chambers


adopted in England and France for Pearing Pigeons Colenso (Bp.) Shilling Arithmetic, designed for the


upon a profitable scale, together with the Belgian Use of Elementary Schools. 18mo, cl. sd., pp. vii !

Method of keeping and fattening Rabbits for the -182. Longmans; 1/ ; with'Answers


supply of the English Market. Illust. (Oliver's Compendium (A) of Etymology, comprising a Selec-

Series, No. 6.) Fcap. 8vo, sd., 79. Virtue 1/ tion of Prefixes and Affixes, and nearly 500 roots

From Hay Time to Hopping. Cheap edition. from the Saxon, Latin, and Greek Languages, with

12mo. Ward of Lock

1/ Derivations adapted for School Classes and Home

Highland Shepherd (The). By the Author of " Sheep Lessons. By a Teacher. 18mo, sd., pp. 24.

Farmers and Drovers." (Odds and Ends, No. 17.) Pawson (Sheffield)

3d. 1

Fcap. 8vo, sd., 64. Edmonston

6d. Curtis (J.C.) Outlines of English Grammar, for School ;

Lobb (Harry) Successful Oyster Culture. Post 8vo, & Home Use. Fcap. 8vo, sd., 48. Simpkin 6d.

sd., pp. 79. Ridgway

1/ Fernandez (Joseph) Henry's School Geography. !

Fcap. 8vo, iv-206. Bean


Hunter (Rev. John) Modern Arithmetic. A Treatise


adapted for School Work and Private Study. Con.

Blackburn (Rev. W. M.) Aonio Paleario and his

taining numerous Improvements in aid of the

Preparation of Candidates for Public Examinations.

Friends. With a Revised ed. of “ The Benefit of


Christ's Death.” 12mo, 112. Philadelphia .

12mo, pp. vii—246. Longmans.


Jones's English System of Book-keeping for

Bolivar (Simon) Life of. By Dr. Larrazabal. Vol.

School By Theodore Jones, Cr. 8vo, sd., 79.

1. 8vo. viii-410. New York


Jones ; 2/; cl. sd.


Botts (J. M.) Great Rebellion; its Secret History, The Key. Cr. 8vo, sd., pp. 75, 2/; cl. sd. 3/

Rise, Progress, and Disastrous Failure. 12mo, pp. Ruled Books. 4to, sd., 2/ per set.

402. New York.


Latham (Rob. Gordon) Dictionary of the English

Buckle (Hon. Thos.) History of Civilization in Eng.

Language. Founded on that of

Dr. Samuel

land. 3 vols. New ed. Post 8vo, pp. lxx-1650.

Johnson, as edited by Rev. H. J. Tould. With



Cassell's Biographical Dictionary. Edit. by T.


numerous Emendations and Additions. Vol. 1.

Two Parts. 4to. cxxxy—1300. Longmans 70/

Shore. Part 1. 4to. Cassell .


Lupton (W. M.) Arithmetic for the Use of Schools.

Cobbett (Wm.) History of the Protestant “Reforma.

tion” in England and Ireland. Showing how that

Designed to assist Candidates preparing for Exami.

nation. Containing more than 2,000 original

Event has impoverished and degraded the main

Examples, similar to those set by the Examining

body of the People in those Countries. Complete

Bodies, with Selections from the Army, Civil

edition. 18mo, sd., pp. 284. Duty


Service, Oxford and Cambridge Examination apers.

Cust (Gen. the Hon. Sir Edward) Lives of the Warriors

Fcap. 8vo, pp. viii-155. Longmans


of the Civil Wars of France and England. Warriors

Mayo (C.) Lessons on Objects; as given to Children

of the Seventeenth Century. 2 Parts. Post 8vo,

between the ages of 6 and 8 in a Pestalozzian

pp. xvi-650. Murray

Keene (Hon. Geo.) Moghul Empire; from the Death

School at Cheam, Surrey. 19th ed. Fcap. 8vo,

pp. xx—229. Seeleys

of Aurungzeb to the Overthrow of the Mahratta

Mongan (J. R.) Practical Spelling Book. 4th ed.

Power. 8vo, pp. xvi--278. W. H. Allen .. 9/ 12mo. Allman


Kirkland (Frazar) Pictorial Book of Anecdotes and

Incidents of the Rebellion, Civil, Military, Naval,

Murby's Excelsior Readers, for all Classes of Ele.

and Domestic. Roy. 8vo, 705. Hartford .

mentary Schools. Edited by Francis Young. No. 1.


12mo, cl. lp., pp. 64. Murby


Marshman (no. Clark) History of India, from the

Munson (J. E.) Complete Phonographer; being an

Earliest Period to the Close of Lord Dalhousie's

Administration. Vols. 1 & 2. Post Svo, pp. xxxviii

inductive Exposition of Phonography, with its!

-860. Longmans

application to all branches of Reporting. Intended


as a School Book. 18mo, 236. New York.

Nisbet. Lessons from the Life of the late James
Nisbet, Publisher. A Study for Young Men, By

Nelson (David) On Collegiate Education in Relation
Rev. J. A. Wallace. Fcap. 8vo, pp. 208. Johnstone

to the Inter-community of the Sciences. An

.(Edinburgh)-Hamilton :

Address. 8vo, sd., pp. 32. Cornish (Birmingham)-


Richardson. The Peasant Preacher: Memorials of


Mr. Charles Richardson, a Wesleyan Evangelist,

Poole (J.) Glossary of the Old Dialect of the English

Colony in the Baronies of Forth and Bargy. Edit.
commonly known as the "Lincolnshire Thrasher;"

by W. Barnes. 12mo. J. R. Smith
with Sermon-Notes and an Itinerary. By John E. Robertson (Rev. J.) Daily Exercises in Arithmetic.
Coulson. 3rd. edit. Fcap. 8vo xx-398. Walker

Fcap. 8vo, cl. sd., 144, Bean; 1/6; Answers to,
Rogers (Rev. Edward) Some Account of the Life and

Roche (Antonin) English Prose and Poetry, Select
Opinions of a Fifth-Monarchy.Man. Chiefly ex:

Pieces from the best Authors, for Reading, Com-

tracted from the Writings of John Rogers, Preacher.

With Portrait. Fcap. 4to, xvi-313. Longmans. 16/

position, and Translation. Royal 18mo, pp. xi-

368. Tribner


Shanks (W. F. G.) Personal Recollections of Dis.

Rowbotham (J.) Derivative Spelling Book, giving
tinguished Generals. Post 8vo, 352. Low , 7/6

the Origin of every Word from the Greek, Latin,
Sheardown (T. S.) Half a Century's Labours in the

Saxon, German, Teutonic, Dutch, French, Spanish,
Gospel, including Thirty-five Years of Backwoods'

and other Languages, with their present Accep.
Mission Work, and Evangelising in New York and tation and Pronunciation. Improved ed. (Weale's
Pennsylvania. An Autobiography. 12mo, pp. 372.

Educational Series.) 12mo, cl. sd., 120. l'irtue. 1/6
Lewisburg .

Simson's Symbolical Euclid. Edit. in Symbolical
Swedenborg (Emanuel) his Life and Writings. By

Form, by R. Blakelock. New ed. 18mo. Longmans. 6/
W'm, White. 2 vols., 8vo, xliii-1278. Simpkin. 241 Smith (Barnard) Key to Examination Papers in

Youth's History of the Great Civil War. 16mo. Arithmetic. 18mo. Macmillan

pp. 384. New York


Uptonian Trisection (The) Roy. 8vo, cl. sd. Spon. 2/6

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Alexandrow (F.) New, Practical, and Easy Method

of Learning the Russian Language. 12mo. Thimm. 41

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Aristophanes' Peace. Acted at Athens at the great Black's Guide to Paris and the Exhibition of 1867.

Thosysia, B.C. 421. The Greek text revised, with Edit. by David Thos. Ansted. With Maps. Fcap,
a Translation into corresponding Metres, and 8vo, sd., 72. Black .

original Notes. By Benj, Bickley Rogers. Fcap. Calvert (G. H.) First Years in Europe. izmo.
410, pp marii-186. Bell f Daldy .
7/6 Boston, U.S.

Bland (R. Latin Herameters and Pentameters. Re. Dixon (Wm. Hepworth) New America. With Ilust.

Fised by G. C. Rowden. New ed., 12mo. Simpkin. 3/ 2 vols. 8vo, xix-728. Hurst f. Blackett 30/
Ciceronis Epistolarum Delectus. A Selection from Lemon (Mark) Up and Down the London Streets.

Cicero's Letters, illustrating the contemporary Illust. 8vo, vii-348. Chapman f. Hall .. 12/
History of Rome. With Notes and Introductions. Page (T. J.) La Plata, the Argentine Confederation,
By E. St. John Parry. Post Svo, pp. vii—366. and Paraguay. Being a Narrative of the Explora-

6/ tion of the Tributaries of the river La Plata, and
Cicero's Orations. The Oration against Q. Cæcilius. adjacent countries during 1853, 4,5,6. New ed.
With Short English Notes, for the Use of Schools. 8vo, 632. New York


(Oxford Latin Texts.) 18mo, sd., pp. 63. J. Traveller's (A) Notes in Scotland, Belgium, Devon.

Peter Co.

1/ shire, the Channel Islands, the Mediterranean,

De Porquet (F.) Histoire de Napoleon Premier. France, Somersetshire, Cornwall, the Scilly Islands,

Nered 12mo. Simpkin.

3/6 Wilts, and Dorsetshire in 1866. Svo, 151. Pigoti. 3/6

Epietetas, Works of. Consisting of his Discourses, Trollope (Anthony) West Indies and the Spanish

in Foar Books. The Enchiridion, and Fragments. Main. 6th ed. Post 8vo, 371. Chapman 4: Hall. 5/

A Translation from the Greek, based on that of Webb (Rev. Edward) Hindoo Life; with Pictures of
Elizabeth Carter, by T. W. Higginson. Post 8vo, the Men, Women, and Children of India. Sq. 8vo,

PP. IVİ-437. Low

10/6 63. Philadelphia .


Eton Latin Grammar (The), with Notes by Edwards. Wood (W. W.) Ho! for Brazil. What about Brazil ?
New ed., 12100. Simpkin

2/6 A Pamphlet of General and Special Information.

Fischer-Fischart (C. W.) Elementary German

8vo, 50.



Grammar 12mo.

Longmans ;


| Gase (Fred. E. A. Improved Modern Pocket Diction.

art of the French and English Languages, for the


every day parposes of Travellers and Students,
containing more than 5,000 Modern and Current

Esop's Fables. With 56 Illustrations by H. L.
Words, Senses, and Idiomatic Phrases and Ren.

Stephens. Ray. 4to, pp. 76. New York . 105/
derinys not found in any other Dictionary of the

Brown (John) Rab and his Friends. 5th Illust. ed.

Two Languages (including the largest), and the 4to. Edmonston


Correction for the First Time of Hundreds of Kügler's Handbook of Painting. The Italian

Teig Errors, which occur in all other French and

Schools. Trans. by a Lady. Edit., with Notes,

English Dictionaries. 18mo, pp. viii—648. Bell by Sir Chas. L. Eastlake. New ed., with more


4/ than 100 Illust. Two Parts. Post 8vo, pp. XXX-

Grandiseau (F.) Petit Précepteur; or, First Step to 583. Murray


French Conversation. 33rd ed., 16mo. Jackson Walton (E.) Peaks and Valleys of the Alps. With


Text by T. G. Bonney. Imp. fol. Day t Son. 168/

Herxheimer (S.) Key to the Exercises of the New

Watson (J. Forbes) Textile Manufactures, and the

Method of Learning the Hebrew Language. 12mo, Costumes of the People of India. With Plates,



exhibiting numerous Coloured Photographs, &c.

Homer's Iliad. With Notes by W. Trollope. 6th

Fol. hf.-bd., pp. xxi—173. W. H. Allen 65/

ed. 80. Bringtons.

15/ Westropp (Hodder M.) Handbook of Archæology.

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Egyptian-Greek-Etruscan-Roman. With Illust.

12mo. Simpkin


8vo, pp. xvi-458. Bell f. Daldy


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White (Adam) Instructive Picture Book; or, a few



attractive Lessons from the Natural History of

Oppen (Edward A. International German Reader,

Animals. 7th ed., with new Illust. by Mrs. Black.

for the use of Colleges and Schools, and for Private

burn, &c. Fol. bds. Edmonston .


Peading. Containing Aids to Students, a graduated

Selection of the best Standard Prose Writers, and

an Antbology of German Poetry, of the Classical

and komantic Schools. Systematically Arranged,


with copious Notes, Biographical and Critical
tiees, &c., &c., 12mo, viii-540. Cassell

Bishop (J. P.) Commentaries on the Law of Criminal



Procedure. 2 vols. Roy. 8vo.

Schiller's Don Carlos, Infant of Spain. Trans.


om the German by T.

Chitty (Joseph, junr.) Precedents in Pleading, with

Egan, 12mo. Williams


copious Notes on Pleading, Practice, and Evidence.


Thinn's Traveller's Practical Manual of Con-

3rd ed., by the late T. Chitty, and by L. Temple

and R. G. Williams. In 2 Parts. Part 1. Roy.

versation in Four Languages. English, German,

Freneb, and Italian. Fcap. 8vo, bds., 224. Thimm. 3/6

8vo, pp. cii-527. Butterworths


Valpy's Latin Delectus. New and Improved ed.

Daniell's Practice of the High Court of Chancery;
By Rev. T. H. L. Leary. 12mo, iv—256. Tegg. 2/6

with some Observations on the Pleadings in that
Virgil's Æneid. Translated into English Verse by

Court. 4th edition : with considerable alterations

John Conington. 2nd ed. Post 8vo, xvii--455.

and additions, incorporating the Statutes, Orders,


and Cases to the present time; and Braithwaite's


Virgilii Opera. Cara J. Dymock. 'New ed., 18mo. Record and Writ Practice; together with references

Beli & Bradfute

to a Companion Volume of Forms and Precedents.


| White John F.) First Latin Parsing Book, adapted

By Leonard Field and Edward C. Dunn, with the
to the Syntax of the Pablic School Latin Primer.

assistance of John Biddle. 2 vols. 8vo, ccclxxxi-

12mo. Pp. I-76. Longmans

2230. Sterens f Sons



Xenophon's Memorabilia. Chiefly from the Text of

Egan (Chas.) Handy Book of Church Discipline, and
Kuhner, with Notes, by Rev. Percival Frost.

the Act 3 & 4 Vict., cap. 86; with notices of the
(Grammar School Classics.) Fcap. 8vo, pp. xii-

Chief Decisions given thereon, in the Ecclesiastical

236. Whittaker.

Courts and Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.


2nd edition. Cr. 8vo, sd., pp. 50. Tegg : 1/

Hilliard (Francis) Law of New Trials and other Re-


hearings. 8vo, lxviii—683. Philadelphia . 36/

Latham (F. L.) Treatise on the Law of Window

Anderson (J. Corbet) Roman City of Uriconium, at Lights. Post 8vo. Butterworths


Wroxeter, Salop. Illustrative of the History and Michael (W. H.) Sanitary Acts. Comprising the
Social Life of our Romano-British Forefathers. Sewage Utilization Act, 1865, and the Sanitary Act,
With Illustrations. Pt. 8vo, x-150. J. R. Smith. 12/6 1866. 12mo. Sweet

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Bamstead (F.J.) Pathology and Treatmentof Venereal

Diseases. New and revised ed. 8vo, pp. 635.



Braithwaite (W. and James) Commentary on Mid-

wifery and the Diseases of Women and Children,
for the last half-year, with the Opinions of the best
Writers on the Subject. Reprinted from “ Braith-

waite's Retrospect." 12mo, sd. Simpkin 1/

Catalogue and Report of Obstetrical and other

Instruments exhibited at the Royal College of

Physicians. 8vo. Longmans


Coote (John) On Joint Diseases, their Pathology,

Diagnosis, and Treatment. 8vo. Hardwicke, 9/

Davis (H. A.) Conservative Surgery, as exhibited in

remedying some of the Mechanical Causes that

operate injuriously both in Health and Disease

8vo, pp. 314. New York.


Flint (Austin) Treatise on the Principles and Practice

of Medicine, for the Use of Practitioners and

Students of Medicine. 2nd ed. 8vo, pp. 967.


Half-Yearly Abstract (The) of the Medical Sciences;

being an Analytical and Critical Digest of the

principal British and Continental Medical Works

published in the preceding Six Months. Vol. 44.

July-Dec., 1866. Post 8vo, xii-372. Churchill. 6/6

Home Nursing : a Manual for the Use of all who

would Nurse the Sick in a Private House. By

G. P. Fcap. 8vo, sd., 95. Routledge .


Hudson (Alfred) Lectures on the Study of Fever.

8vo., xxiv-336. W. McGee (Dublin)-Longmans 9;

Peters (J. C.) Origin, Nature, and Treatment of

Asiatic Cholera. 12mo, 162. New York. 6/

Semelder (Dr. F.) Rhinoscopy and Laryngoscopy,

their Value in Practical Medicine. 8vo, xii-191.

New York.


Winslow (Forbes) On Uncontrollable Drunkenness,

considered as a form of Mental Disorder. With

Suggestions for its Treatment, &c. 8vo, sd., pp.

54. Hardwicke


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6th ed. 2 vols., 8vo, xv—1984. Philadelphia. 42/

(Beadle's American Lib., No. 72.) Fcap. 8vo, sd.,

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pp. 381. New York

Childhood in India, A Narrative for the Young.

By the Wife of an Officer. Illust. New ed. 18mo,

bås. Jackson f Walford

Cliff Hut (The); or, the Perils of a Fisherman's

Family. By the Author of “ Hannah Twist." Cr.

8vo, 96. Partridge


Cupples (Mrs. Geo.) Bill Marlin's Tales of the Sea.

Roy.32mo, 241. Johnstone (Edinburgh)-Hamillon. 1/6

Davenant (Francis) Hubert Ellis; a Story of King

Richard the Second's Days. Illust. 8vo. viii-414.

Ward & Lock


Death Mystery (The); or,

“ Free on the Ocean
Wave." Cr. 8vo, sd., 128. Ward & Lock . 6d.
Draper (Rev. B. H.) Bible Story Book. Illust

13th ed. 18mo, bds. Jackson go Walford 16.

Geldart (Mrs. Thos.) Ernest and Kate; or, Lore =

Reality, not Romance. New ed. Fcap. 8vo, 223



Goldsmith's Widow (The), and other Stories. B:

the Author of "The Orphan of Kinloch.” Roy. 18mo

159. Oliphant (Edinburgh)-Hamilton


Grace's Visit: a Tale for the Young. 18mo, pp. 247

Boston, U.S.

Hannah's Home. Roy. 18mo, 95. Oliphant (Edin



Harland (Marion) Sunny Bank. 12mo, pp.

New York.


The Christmas Holly. Sm. Ato, pp. &

New York.


Hazleton (Harry) Life Among the Red Indians. A

Indian Romance. 12mo, sd., 127. Marr (Glasgow) 60

Johns (Rev. B. G.) Stories of the Reformation in Ge

many and England for Young people. 13th ed

Fcap. 8vo, pp. 219. Jarrold


Legends of the Harz. From the German. 12100

cl, sd. Whitfield .

Leighton (Alex.) Romances of the Old Town of Edin

burgh. Post Svo, pp. 1–325. Nimmo


Little Susy's Six Birth-Days. By her Aunt Susa

Illust. Fcap. 8vo, pp. 152. Nelson

Mackay (Mrs.) Clifford Castle: a Tale of the Englis

Reformation. Cr. 8vo, pp. iv-388. Olipha



Mary and her Mother. Scriptural Stories for Your

Children. Illust. 5th ed. 18mo, bus. Jackson


Minnie and her Grandfather; or, the Way to Ove

come Evil with Good. 18mo, 144. Boston, U.S. 2

Moncrieff (Rob. Hope) Martyr Shepherd : a Story

the Scottish Covenanters. Illust. Roy. 18mo, 15

Oliphant (Edinburgh)-Hamilton

My First Offer, and other interesting and amusi

Stories. By Eminent Authors. (Nimmo's Popul

Tales, Vol. 8.) Fcap. 8vo, sd., pp. 251. Nimmo.

Neal (John) Little Moccassin; or, Along the Mac

waska. A Story of Life and Love in the Lum

Region. Fcap. 8vo, sd., pp. 122. Routledge

New Series Toy Books. Birds and Beasts; or

Visit with Uncle John to the Zoological Garde

4to, sd, Religious Tract Society .

Nichols (Geo. W.) Sanctuary: a story of the ca

War. Post 8vo, pp. 286. Low

Palissy (Bernard); the Huguenot and Potter. R

18mo, pp. 02. Oliphant (Edinburgh).

Race (The) for Gold; or, the City. Merchant and

Country Brother. Illust. Roy. 18mo, pp. 1

Oliphant (Edinburgh)-Hamilton

Roundheads, and other Stories. By the Autho

"Rutledge." 12mo, pp. 185. New York

Scripture Histories for Little Children. I

New ed. Roy. 16mo. Griffith f. Farran; plain :


Secret Revealed (The): A Tale of the Heart. Cr.

sd., pp. 128. Ward & Lock

Smiles (Sam.) Self-Help; with illustrations of

racter, Conduct, and Preseverance. New edit

Fcap. 8vo, xviii-415. Murray

Stephens (Mrs. Ann S.) Soldiers' Orphans. 12

pp. 330. Philadelphia

Wheeler (Charlotte Bickersteth) Taking the

sequences: a Book for the Present Day. Wi


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